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Kartblock Token Design


The main objective of token design is to grow economies that will begin and grow in utility over the long haul, designing decentralized networks is not easy, goal should be to create mechanisms that allow users to both use and hold tokens as the economy takes shape.

The important aspect while developing any crypto economy is Token Velocity.

Velocity is essentially the pace at which the token moves through the ecosystem in which it’s used, the idea is that protocols should give users a good reason to hold some coins beyond what they will spend in the system. Velocity is important because it plays a key role in determining the long-term, non-speculative value of a token.

Few ways in which Kartblock will increase the level of token hoarding in the ecosystem

Kartblock Subscription service:

Kartblock First will be similar to the Prime subscription offered by Amazon that gives users access to services and benefits. The subscription is open to anyone holding atleast X tokens in their wallet, to lock in their balance for at least a month. The subscription amount will be paid in Kart Tokens.

Individuals that decide to lock tokens will be rewarded with a range of benefits, early access to lightning deals, two day delivery, receive discounts and gain access to luxury services.

Kartblock Token Buybacks

Kartblock smart contracts periodically will buy up tokens that are in circulation and burn the tokens as a mechanism to maintain token value.

Staking Tokens


                                                         Kartblock Discovery Engine


Kartblock Discovery Engine, a rating system based on big data analytics, AI and predictive tools, it provides ratings for sellers and new products for users.

The engine will rank Sellers and their products highly in discover tab if they stake tokens.



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